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Spiral into Spring with Writing, Art, Nature Science


crocus Crocuses and hyacinths peek out of the earth. Tulips push up their tiny spears. March winds are still chilly and cool about us but bright sunlight beckons! Let’s welcome Spring with writing, art, and nature science.

This spring, home-schoolers can take their pick of two workshops, an Intro to Lit, Composition, and Creative Writing that takes on from the just-completed Winter workshop, and switches focus from poetry to prose, offering a taste of classic short fiction/drama/memoir from well-known children’s and literary writers; and an Art, Science/Math, and Music workshop which celebrates the Fibonashell2cci Spiral in nature and Solfeggio overtones in music, while exploring other exciting patterns and symmetries in Nature. Please visit the Spring Workshops page for detailed descriptions of workshops.

After-school workshops are on hold this spring, except for Impromptu  French, a beginner’s class for currently-enrolled home-schoolers. If you are interested in after-school writing workshops, please drop a line, for future workshop scheduling.

Registration is open on a rolling basis into the middle of April. Classes start this week! Please email to register.

Note re. Summer: Wishing Well will be closed this summer for teacher travels. Workshops will pick up again in September–stay tuned!


Paint in Vibrant Colors, Sketch Winter Scapes, Write Lyric Poetry/Stories/Essays, & Learn French This Winter


Make your winter vibrant with art, nature study, literature, and creative writing! Winter workshops (for children aged 8-13) open next week. Please visit the Winter Workshop schedule page for more on all workshops.

snowtreesIntroduction to Literature, Composition, & Creative Writing, a weekday morning workshop, is a new Literature-themed workshop offering children 9-13 deep readings of classic poetry, short fiction, and essays and practice in expository and creative writing. (This will continue as Session II into spring.)

Nature Studies in Art & Natural History, also a weekday morning workshop, is a Natural History, Art, and Nature Writing workshop for children 8-13. Fauvist/Expressionist and Botanical Art.

Evening after-school workshops include a return to the popular Exploring Art in Math and Nature workshop from Spring 2015–where we studied and painted and sketched Fibonacci spirals and fractals in Nature; we’ll continue our explorations there in this season’s Exploring Art, Math, & Music in Nature as we expand into the study of harmonics and crystal symmetries. (This workshop was on offer last fall but didn’t run, based on enrollment; hopefully this time around, it will run–if you sign up!)

Create Your Own Stories, Short and Long is an evening story-writing workshop where we’ll read and write both short storiesDaniella-Leaves and start a longer work. For children who like to write stories and want to hone and deepen their storytelling skills, ages 9-13.

New! Impromptu French is an open/free evening workshop for all current enrollees in these workshops, where the teacher revives and revisits her French as she introduces children 8-13 to basic French grammar, reading, conversation, and writing through books, readers, picture books, music and other videos.

Read more about all workshops here on the Winter Workshops 2016 page, including descriptions and dates.

All workshops are open to a maximum of 8 workshoppers. Please send an email for more information or to register.

Create Art Exploring Patterns and Symmetries in Nature this Spring!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASp20141215_101320ring Workshop Now Open for Registration!

Join us this Spring as we explore the mysterious patterns and symmetries in Nature, such as the spiral pattern of growth that repeats in sunflowers and shells and spiral galaxies.

A combined Art and Science/Math workshop for children aged 7-13, shell2our art workshop this spring will let you examine hands-on and through articles/videos the beautiful shapes, swirls, and forms evident in Nature, such as in fractal forms, collected here at this site featuring Visual Math or here, where the mathematical patterns in plant growth can be studied.

pine2Explore for yourself some of these fascinating patterns online–then come join us as we create art that celebrates the mysteries and magic of Nature this spring! See more on the workshop at the Spring Workshop page.

Patterns: Math in Nature

NOVA: Describing Nature with Math

Fibonacci Sequence: Numbers of Life, Matrix of Universe (Youtube video)

Join us for Art, Creative Writing, Beading, & Natural Health Camps this Summer!


S2014starfishYoung artists, writers, creators all –it’s time to sign up for summer camp!

Summer camps this year run mid-June into a couple weeks in July and cover art, poetry, fiction, natural health, and craft. All summer camps are morning camps.

Come read and write lyric nature poems and sketch, color, and paint seashells, starfish, wildgrasses, and flowers in Seashells, Wildflowers, & Grasses/Summer Notebook.

If beading is something you love, drop in for a week of beading in Make Your Own Jewelry.Winter 2013 to 2014 980

If you’re a fiction-lover, come create your own chapter book in Create Your Own Chapter Book.

Or learn how to make delicious green drinks, granolas, fruit drinks, and a soothing face cream for natural health and vitality in Natural Health Fiesta!

For more information on all summer camps, please click on Summer Camps 2015, and drop an email to register and hold your spot. Workshops are limited to 8, and will run with at least 4 participants.

Let’s Welcome Spring!


spring blooms 6aWelcome to Spring 2014! even if it does look like winter still! Let’s look forward to snowdropssnowdrops, crocuses, tulips and the myriad delights of birds singing, sun shining, weather brightening as we plant seeds early this March and watch those first sprouts push up, those tiny closed buds on trees swell and burst open. It really is time to scatter thy pearls/upon our lovesick land…O Spring! (William Blake)

The workshop schedule for still-open March and April workshops is posted, please see the Calendar page.

spring blooms 4aSpring Blooms, Art and Poetry, which celebrates buds, blossoms, growing of every kind in botanical sketches and abstract botanical art, and growth, renewal, and change in nature and poetry, runs for eight weeks starting March 7.

This spring in our new Planet Earth series, we’ll study Gems, Crystals, and Minerals, which runs for eight weeks starting March 4.

Amethyst-2aFrom Journal to Essay, the  continuing non-fiction creative writing workshop which helps young writers transition easily to essay-writing from informal journal-writing, also runs for eight weeks, starting March 8.

Also once more we run the new Online Creative Writing workshop, Create a Magical World.

Please go to the Calendar Page for more information on all workshops.

Drop-in Art for recently or currently enrolled families continues, with some changes: Moms, if you’d like to come paint or sketch, with or without your child/ren, Sunday afternoons between 2 pm – 5 pm, please drop by. This term we’ll play with the art ideas from Spring Blooms. Please drop a note any given week if you plan to come–thanks!