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Winter 2014 Workshops Are Here


pansy-smallWelcome to Winter 2014! & Happy New Year–in this so very special and exciting new year, the first (in nineteen) that started with a Capricorn New Moon in this particularly luminous month with 2, not one perigee moons/supermoons!  (See EarthSky for more on Perigee Moons or Supermoons.)

And our workshops will begin around the time of the Wolf Moon or Old Moon the week of January 14. The workshop schedule for upcoming January and February workshops is posted, please see the Calendar page.

This January & February in our Amateur Astronomer series, we’ll study Winter Stars and Planets, which runs for six weeks starting Jan 14. 

Mandala Universe (Circle and Spiral) Art and Poetry, which celebrates circles, spirals, and patterns of repeating in nature and poetry, runs for six weeks starting Jan 16.

From Journal to Essay, the  non-fiction creative writing workshop which helps young writers transition easily to essay-writing from informal journal-writing, also runs for six weeks, starting Jan 18.

Also Launching the New! Online Creative Writing workshop, Create a Magical World.

Please go to the Calendar Page for more information on all workshops.

Drop-in Art for recently or currently enrolled families continues, with some changes: Moms, if you’d like to come paint or sketch, with or without your child/ren, Sunday afternoons between 2 pm – 5 pm, please drop by. This term we’ll play with the art ideas from Mandala Universe. Please drop a note any given week if you plan to come–thanks!