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Fall 2013 Schedule Is Here


September 5, 2013


From the Nature Notebook workshop

The fall schedule is complete, and all workshops scheduled are listed on the Fall 2013 page–please take a look! Art, poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction workshops for kids aged 7 to 13. This age range is already expanding!

Please note, the September painting workshop now starts Sep 12, Thursday. Altered (lower) rates on the schedule page. Thank you immensely for waiting,  and it’s not too late to sign up. Please email to register. 

ALSO: New Wednesday Morning Workshop in October for Home-Schooled Children: Nature Printing, Painting, Sketching, Art and Poetry. 


Writing haiku and sketching sea creatures

We’re open for registration–please contact us by email or fill in the form on the Register page.  If you like the look of a workshop, signing up early will ensure a space. These workshops tend to fill abruptly and overnight!

NOTE ON FALL PRICING:  Please note, these fall workshops are being priced at a slightly higher rate than spring and summer workshops to allow for acquiring of new and better materials and equipment to enhance our workshop space. We do plan to keep all workshops at this affordable level for all families, so no changes beyond this are anticipated. Thank you for understanding.