Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spiral into Spring with Writing, Art, Nature Science


crocus Crocuses and hyacinths peek out of the earth. Tulips push up their tiny spears. March winds are still chilly and cool about us but bright sunlight beckons! Let’s welcome Spring with writing, art, and nature science.

This spring, home-schoolers can take their pick of two workshops, an Intro to Lit, Composition, and Creative Writing that takes on from the just-completed Winter workshop, and switches focus from poetry to prose, offering a taste of classic short fiction/drama/memoir from well-known children’s and literary writers; and an Art, Science/Math, and Music workshop which celebrates the Fibonashell2cci Spiral in nature and Solfeggio overtones in music, while exploring other exciting patterns and symmetries in Nature. Please visit the Spring Workshops page for detailed descriptions of workshops.

After-school workshops are on hold this spring, except for Impromptu¬† French, a beginner’s class for currently-enrolled home-schoolers. If you are interested in after-school writing workshops, please drop a line, for future workshop scheduling.

Registration is open on a rolling basis into the middle of April. Classes start this week! Please email to register.

Note re. Summer: Wishing Well will be closed this summer for teacher travels. Workshops will pick up again in September–stay tuned!