Paint in Vibrant Colors, Sketch Winter Scapes, Write Lyric Poetry/Stories/Essays, & Learn French This Winter


Make your winter vibrant with art, nature study, literature, and creative writing! Winter workshops (for children aged 8-13) open next week. Please visit the Winter Workshop schedule page for more on all workshops.

snowtreesIntroduction to Literature, Composition, & Creative Writing, a weekday morning workshop, is a new Literature-themed workshop offering children 9-13 deep readings of classic poetry, short fiction, and essays and practice in expository and creative writing. (This will continue as Session II into spring.)

Nature Studies in Art & Natural History, also a weekday morning workshop, is a Natural History, Art, and Nature Writing workshop for children 8-13. Fauvist/Expressionist and Botanical Art.

Evening after-school workshops include a return to the popular Exploring Art in Math and Nature workshop from Spring 2015–where we studied and painted and sketched Fibonacci spirals and fractals in Nature; we’ll continue our explorations there in this season’s Exploring Art, Math, & Music in Nature as we expand into the study of harmonics and crystal symmetries. (This workshop was on offer last fall but didn’t run, based on enrollment; hopefully this time around, it will run–if you sign up!)

Create Your Own Stories, Short and Long is an evening story-writing workshop where we’ll read and write both short storiesDaniella-Leaves and start a longer work. For children who like to write stories and want to hone and deepen their storytelling skills, ages 9-13.

New! Impromptu French is an open/free evening workshop for all current enrollees in these workshops, where the teacher revives and revisits her French as she introduces children 8-13 to basic French grammar, reading, conversation, and writing through books, readers, picture books, music and other videos.

Read more about all workshops here on the Winter Workshops 2016 page, including descriptions and dates.

All workshops are open to a maximum of 8 workshoppers. Please send an email for more information or to register.


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  1. Hi there! Was curious as to whether you would ever offer the Introduction to Literature, Composition, & Creative Writing class to non home schooled children? I think my 4th grade daughter could learn a lot from a course such as this. Thanks for your time. Euvir Fahey

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    • Hi Euvir, Anyone is welcome to join this class–it’s a daytime class though currently. I could indeed offer it sometime as an after-school class if there’s interest, but I’d like to know beforehand if parents/children are interested–it really will be a focused course. The Fiction-writing workshop on Thursday evenings currently may appeal to your fourth-grader if she likes to write…? Please email for more information if so. Thanks so much for your comment! Ramola D

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