This Spring session starting the week of March 29, has two daytime home-schooling workshops on offer. In addition, an after-school Impromptu Beginner’s French class at no charge is on offer to all registered students (taking other classes), please see below. Classes will start the week of March 29 and run through the middle of May. Registration will stay open the first three weeks of April, so please drop a line to sign in at any time. 

Impromptu French will be on Wednesday evenings, 4-6 pm. Daytime home-schoolers’ workshops, 9:30 to 12 noon, are on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. All workshops run weekly, for 8 weeks, with a possible extra week or so for make-ups, if need be. All workshops close with a (daytime) presentation and art show for parents.

Home-Schoolers’ Daytime Workshops

Introduction to Literature, Composition, & Creative Writing

Tuesday mornings 9:30-12 Noon, March/April/May, starting March 29; dates are March 29; April 5, 12, 19, 26; May 3, 10, 17. Ages 9-13, $120 (Make-up day for any reason will be May 24.)

Lucy Maud Montgomery

This class will focus on teaching writing as process and encouraging young writers to think and write critically, reflectively, and independently through a group examination of literary texts in fiction, memoir, and drama. Following on from the Winter workshop of the same focus which emphasized Poetry, this class will introduce students to a wide range of classic short fiction from writers such as Hans Christian Anderson, James Joyce, Edgar Allan Poe, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Octavio Paz, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as well as excerpts from plays by Shakespeare, and diary entries/memoir from Anne Frank.

Students will be guided through the basics of thoughtful and contextual literary analysis, keeping reading-response journals, and writing critical essays expressive of their personal analyses and opinions.  Focus will be on presenting and supporting ideas cogently, and comparing and contrasting texts. A special additional feature will be creative writing exercises to deepen understanding of text and to respond creatively to readings.

Exploring Art, Math, & Music in Nature

Wednesday mornings March/April/May, starting March 30; dates are March 30; April 6, 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18. Ages 9-13, $120 (Make-up day for any reason will be May 25.)

20141215_101103Exploring Art, Math, & Music in Nature follows on from Art and Math in Nature in Spring 2015 where we studied the Fibonacci number sequence and spiral geometry in pine cones, the nautpine2ilus shell, sunflower seed hearts, plant stem growth, rosettes of flowers, and learned about fractals in Nature and Math, and created fractal art.

In Part II, we’ll review Part I art as we continue working with Fibonacci concepts and study further the golden rectangle, the golden angle, Pi, Phi, the golden mean, and learn how these “sacred geometry” concepts were used historically in art and architecture, including in the design of the ancient pyramids. We’ll continue studying fractals and branch out into studying crystal symmetries in water, and learn about Dr. emoto water crystalMasaru Emoto’s recent discoveries of thought vibrations or electromagnetic frequencies affecting crystal symmetries in water. We’ll also begin a study of Fibonacci sequences in music/natural harmony (using mathematician Victor Showell’s work), harmonics and cymaticsintrinsic frequencies in Nature (using Leonard Horowitz’s compilations of information and work on 528 Hz), and explore the harmonics of Solffegio frequencies based on 528Hz.

As we explore these old and new Mathematical, Musical, and Natural Science concepts, we’ll create new mixed-media, Expressionist and Modern Abstract art (pencils/acryclic/watercolor/prints) based on the geometries, symmetries, and harmonics we are studying, using Nature–shells, feathers, crystals, flowers, stars, galaxies–as our guide.

Impromptu French

paris(Open/Free of charge to all students of other classes) (Wednesday evenings, 4-6 pm) Intro to French grammar, reading, writing, and conversation. Includes use of a required text and reader as well as teacher-provided beginner’s French picture books and fairytales, videos with instruction from native French speakers, weekly French music, skits, plays for children.

Please send an email to to register for any of these workshops. Classes will start the week of March 29 and run through the middle of May. Registration will stay open in April, please drop a line to sign in at any time.