ArtCreateWrite seeks to build on the Art, Creative Writing, and Natural Science creativity workshop foundation set in place by The Wishing Well, an after-school and summer-camp workshop series held from 2012 to 2016 at a creativity workshop studio in the author’s home in Quincy, Massachusetts where numbers of elementary school-age children enjoyed learning about and expressing themselves in art, fiction, poetry, Natural Science, astronomy, mythology, sacred geometry, and new consciousness science.

More about ArtCreateWrite to be posted soon.


Archived/About Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a creativity workshop space for kids (and “older kids”) who wish to create. We offer inspired, themed, and life-enhancing art and creative writing workshops and camps for kids aged 7-10 and older, seniors, and anyone who wishes to explore creative expression through art or writing.  (Currently focusing on workshops for children, we hope to expand shortly for adults as well.)

We take our themes and focuses variously from the sciences, humanities, and arts, which offers participants exciting and unlimited cross-genre ways to “put things together,” intuitively relate different fields of learning, make unique and original connections, and create without constraint. Eschewing the children’s-art-and-crafts approach, these workshops seek to inspire participants toward their own great art through exposure to great artists and great techniques.

Designed especially for the curious, creative, intellectually alive child with a passion for knowledge and expression, we currently offer classes in Boston’s South Shore area from our location in Quincy, Massachusetts, and hope to offer online workshops as well soon — stay tuned!

For a taste of what we’re about, please visit Current Workshops. Upcoming workshops are listed there and under Summer Camps.


P1060866The Wishing Well was founded by Ramola D, a teacher, writer, and artist inspired quite often by her curious and questing 8-year-old, and keen to create classes relevant to this age group.

More on her art and writing may be found here.



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